Access Statement

1. The Car Park
The car park is to the rear of the building and is primarily for residents. The surface is granite chips and can accommodate five to six cars. There are no designated spaces for disabled customers.

2. The Terrace - Eating and drinking area outside in the front of the pub
Access from the road to this area is good and the way from the road entrance to the front entrance is free from obstacles.
The tables are wooden with additional movable benches on crazy paving, Some of the Tables are poser height with matching high backed chairs. There are also some silver in colour, moveable chairs.

Wheelchair circulation here isn't bad, but could be tight when full of customers.

The crazy paving surface is in good order.

From this area there are steps leading up to the French doors on the Main Bar conservatory and there is a hand rail on the non wall side.

3. The front entrance
The entrance is visually distinct from its surroundings and also serves as an emergency exit.

There are two steps up that prevent wheelchair users from easily and independently getting into the pub.

The two sets of doors are secured open during opening hours and are wide enough for wheelchairs.

4. The side entrance
As well as the main front entrance, there is a side entrance that also serves as a fire escape. Wheelchair evacuation from this exit is possible. When the external door is open it opens onto the path and becomes an impediment to a clear exit down the path and would have to be closed again to allow clear passage, there is access in the other direction.

This would be the quickest escape away from the building. This way out onto the road is wide enough for wheelchairs.

There is a substantial door handle assisting those with reduced manual dexterity.

4.1. The emergency exit at the end of the cloakroom passage.
The exit is accessible to ambulant disabled people but not, accessible to all wheelchair users due to the depth of the step and the stair supports.

5. Inside
Once through the front entrance there is good access to the ground floor rooms. All the doorways and passages are free from obstacles and access to both main rooms is through double doors. Fire exit signage is visable through out.

6. The bar
Access to the bar is either via the front entrance or the steps leading to the French doors onto the restaurant conservatory. Once in - the bar has good wheelchair circulation.

The bar itself is all one height, and does not have a hearing aid enhancement system. All seating is movable making most tables accessible for wheelchair users to sit at.

There is natural and artificial light due to the conservatory and other windows.

The information on the chalk boards are in large, clear handwriting and the main menu's are in largish print, black print on light paper making them very clear.

7. Reception
There is good circulation and turning space for wheelchairs in the reception area and during daylight hours is well lit due to the lantern above.
There is a bell on the wall to attract attention however there is no hearing induction loop.

8. The toilets
8.1 The unisex accessible toilet
With suitable door handles, grab rails, back support to the lavatory pan, lever taps and a non-slip floor that contrasts with the walls and sanitary units etc.

The facility has a brass logo on the door.

The sanitary ware, is white and the lavatory seat is also white in colour and is raised in height for ease of use. There is no emergency alarm.

Our accessible toilet is a very good facility with a sign on the door.

8.2 The standard male and female toilets
There are standard male and female facilities, these not being specially adapted for disabled users.
The urinals are white on a white tiled wall.

9. The Main Bar and Rosie's Room
The Main Bar and lounge (Rosie's room) are both accessed via double doors in the reception area. In  Rosie's room is an emergency exit to the side, leading to the main front entrance, as listed at point 4.

In the lounge there is a large mixture of good artificial 3 chandeliers & numerous wall lights  & natural lighting due to a rather large bay window, as well as other windows. Also in the second Lounge (Daisy's room), there is a mixture of natural and artificial light due to another large bay window & assortment of lamps.

The Main Bar and lounge (Rosie's Room) are both accessible to wheelchair users and there is fair circulation within. Daisy's room has less circulation due to its size but it is possible.

10. The accommodation
 All of the accommodation is upstairs and for customers bound to wheelchairs is not accessible. However, it is accessible to ambulant disabled customers.
The rooms are nicely appointed but not adapted to for a range of disabled users
There are standard bathroom and toilet facilities, All rooms have a shower above the bath with separate non slip bath mats.

The bottom of the staircase up to the accommodation is well lit during the day due to natural light from the lantern and the top light is artificial so less bright in the day.

There is a hand rail and a rope rail on the wall side.
At the top of the stairs there is a door with a large reinforced glass door, with signage on the glass.

Apart from the 2 outside fire escapes, the staircase is the only way up to the accommodation.There are two fire escapes, more or less opposite each other leading to paved roof area and then down the metal staircase.